19/04/2019 : Latest news and new video clip! 

Stop Press! We have now finished recording the album. The ten tracks are in the can and Brian Mathis of Mathis Prod is putting the finishing touches to the mix while we finalise the cover design and write the sleeve notes. We will then run the CD's off and be able to share Amour Virtuel with you and the rest of the world in a short space of time.
In the meantime here is a live clip of one of the album tracks filmed by Brian Mathis during our last day in the studio. 'Fais-moi voler' is a new composition (Sacha's first  :)) on the theme of love and freedom (not always compatible), It is the second of two French tracks on the album. Happy listening! Will be in touch again very shortly. Hugs and kisses.

December 2018 - Recording of our new album

December 2018 :
Hi friends,

You might have been thinking that things have been a bit quiet on the Bleu Charrette front for the past couple of months. Don't worry we haven't been twiddling our thumbs all this time. Well, in fact we have! We've been working on our new sound over the last couple of years. Sacha has learnt to play rhythm guitar which has enabled James to throw himself into playing lead on his faithful Atkin acoustic guitar and now on his new electric baby, a Fender Strat. (You're never too old to Rock!)

So, as far as our repertoire goes this has opened up lots of new vistas and enabled us to re-arrange many of our numbers for two guitars and incorporate this into our live act with the following new line up: two guitars (plus the new electric one), 2 harmonicas, I cajon, lots of other percussion and of course two voices.

In the meantime we have both been continuing to write new songs and in French as well as in English.
The fruit of all these labours you will soon see and hear!
Indeed, 2019 looks like being a very good one for the ongoing adventures of Bleu Charrette as we have already started work on recording our second CD. Since last week we have started spending every other weekend in the Ariège in the studio of Mathis Prod, a young and very talented sound engineer and filmmaker.

In the 2019 New Year we will be unveiling a small glimpse of our new album in the form of a live clip. After that you will have the chance to pre-order the album or send us a small financial contribution to help us finish it or both of course. 😉

Our new album will be more electric and more eclectic than the last one; a mixture of folk-blues, folk-rock and folk-country.
Anyway, we can't wait to share it all with you!

So watch this space!


James & Sacha

Summer 2017: Nice review of our album by French Americana Magazine "Le Cri du Coyote" 


August 2017 : Bleu Charrette On Tour in the Scottish Highlands!