Bleu Charrette is an Anglo-French Folk 'n' Roll duo based in the Lot Department in the South-West of France. The group emerged in 2015 from what was love at first sight musically (but in other ways too!) between James Armstrong, Anglo-Irish singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist and Sacha Touw, also a singer-songwriter and harmonica/guitar player, a French national with Dutch roots. Although coming from very different backgrounds, there was an immediate alchemy between these two musicians, each bringing their own musical influences, tastes and styles into this potent mix.

03/06/2020 : Amour Virtuel désormais disponible sur les plateformes de streaming !!

Tatadaaa🎶📢📢! A vos playlists !!!
Ça y est ! Un an, jour pour jour, après la sortie physique de notre album "Amour Virtuel", le voici désormais disponible sur toutes les plateformes streaming (Spotify, Deezer, ITunes, Amazon music etc.) !! Choisissez votre plateforme préférée en cliquant sur l'image ci-dessus, likez et partagez un Max!!!

03/06/2019 : Ta dah!! They have arrived!!

Ta dah!!! 📣They're here, they're blue, they're beautiful and we are very proud of them! Our Ulule (crowdfunding) friends will soon be receiving their copies by post with a signed photo! 
If you haven't ordered your own copy of the CD yet, then send us 15 € if you live in France (inc.p&p) or 20 € if you live abroad (inc. p&p). Payment by bank transfer - contact us by e-mail of on our Facebook page for details. Copies will also be on sale at our concerts for 10 €!
Thanks to Conflikt Arts for running them off so well, Jan van Waarden for the great graphic design, Mathis Prod for the fab engineering and production and of course many thanks to all of you! 🥰
Happy listening!!

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